Love this place! Especially the puffin poo and there's such a great variety of fudge flavours!

Puffin poo! Yum unbelievable fudge and so many flavours, spoilt for choice

Always try and win by when I'm hom, love all da goodies!

Have loved shetland fudge since it first opened and I am delighted that one of my old friends has taken over the business... keep the puffin poo flowing! Well done Nicola xx

I visited your lovely islands a few weeks ago, on a cruise, and was fortunate enough to be taken round by a very kind couple and they gave me a packet of your Orange Fudge, among other things, to take home with me.

I am so enjoying it! It is absolutely wonderful, and all I can say is - I wish I lived nearer to you!

So, my very best wishes to you, and thank you!

Not generally a fan of fudge, but we had some brought to work by a colleague and you've converted me! The dark chocolate one should be put on the NHS! :) x